Webinar broadcast date: Wednesday, 27 January 2021

05h00 New York | 10h00 GMT | 10h00 London | 11h00 Amsterdam | 12h00 Johannesburg | 15h30 New Delhi | 18h00 Singapore | 21h00 Melbourne

It’s no longer business as usual in the utility sector. The pandemic and its economic and operational consequences have made Asset Management essential, with many utilities now realising that the core principles of Asset Management are critical to decision-making and planning in uncertain times. As budgets shrink and work is deferred, understanding asset risk and the full lifecycle consequences of decisions is becoming increasingly important.

Join Smart Energy International for this live discussion with guest speakers from Copperleaf and Binnies Europe.

Talking points:
• How the context of a global pandemic has impacted decision-making and planning processes
• What planning scenarios utilities are using to navigate the challenges ahead
• Why the ability to quickly model “what-if” scenarios has become a crucial business planning tool


Claire Volkwyn, Editor | Smart Energy International


Conor Toal, Account Executive | Copperleaf

Mark Kaney, Director, Asset Management (Europe)| Binnies Europe

Richard Hawkins, Customer and Partner Success Manager | Copperleaf