Spain: Iberdrola donates €22m in medical supplies to health service


Iberdrola has closed an initial purchase of essential healthcare supplies in China, valued at €22.1 million, which will be delivered to the government upon its arrival in Spain, scheduled for the first half of April.

Iberdrola has acquired 450 ventilators, 4.6 million masks, 120,000 protective coveralls and 20,000 pairs of protective eyewear by signing four major contracts with Chinese companies.

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The first contract, managed through the Spanish company Amara, includes the purchase of 400 state-of-the-art breathing devices for €11.6 million. The Aeonmed VG70 (Intrusive Oxygen Ventilator) model will be delivered to the Ministry of Health for subsequent distribution.

Through the second agreement, 2.5 million FFP2 (KN95) masks have been acquired. The Spanish Army will be in charge of transport and will subsequently distribute them throughout the country. With a total cost of €5.3 million, this contract has been processed by the Spanish supplier Wottoline.

The third batch of material, brokered by the Spanish company Iturri, includes 2 million disposable masks (model EN 14683:2019 Class I filtration 90-95%) and 100,000 disposable protective coveralls certified under Directive 89/686/ECC. Thanks to the intermediation of one of the company’s usual suppliers of PPE and work gear, this material, worth €2 million, will be allocated to the Ministries of Health and the Interior.

In addition, Iberdrola will donate 50 ORICARE V8800 intensive care respirators; 50,000 FFP2 (KN95) masks and another 50,000 FFP3 masks; 20,000 units of splash guards and 20,000 pairs of goggles. This set, valued at 3.1 million euro, has been ordered through Spain’s Viral Health and will be sent to Madrid’s regional government.

Finally, the company has purchased another batch of coronavirus supplies (€100,000) with the support of several suppliers: Iturri, El Corte Inglés, Guerín-Sonepar, Centralcom, Central del Regalo and Ceminorte. It is made up of nitrile gloves, disposable coveralls, FFP2/KN95 masks, goggles, half-masks, hydro-alcoholic gel, gowns and sleeves, which will go to the Basque Country.

The equipment is designed to help Spain as it continues to fight the Covid-19 crisis. The company has launched this initiative in coordination with the Spanish authorities and other Spanish companies, in a collaborative effort to respond to the pandemic.

Iberdrola is currently finalising additional agreements with other medical suppliers to provide further equipment to the Spanish authorities.