Itron, KeyBank subsidiary to remove finance as a barrier to smart city adoption


Itron has partnered with Key Equipment Finance, a division of KeyBank, to introduce a financing programme that removes funding as a barrier for smart city and smart community programmes.

The programme is backed by Key Equipment Finance and will provide financing for smart city technologies and services to Itron’s municipality customers in the US.

KeyBank and its subsidiary bring its knowledge in municipal and commercial financing and will work with Itron’s sales teams to provide hands-on customer support to help shorten sales cycles, enhance end-user satisfaction and improve financial metrics.

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Amy Gross, executive vice president, government and vendor for Key Equipment Finance, said: “We are excited to put our broad expertise to work for Itron so it can provide financing solutions along with its market-leading technologies.

“By adding financing to its portfolio, Itron can proactively offer finance solutions to cities and utilities who are in need of critical upgrades but may not have the funds to invest.”

Mark de Vere White, a senior vice president of customer and market experience at Itron, said: “Now, more than ever, cities and utilities face more constrained budgets in light of the economic impacts of COVID-19. With this programme, we are removing financial barriers for our customers to acquire the solutions they need to meet their long-term objectives.

“Itron’s smart city solutions, intelligent street lighting and central management software improve municipal services, lower carbon emissions, create safer neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life for citizens. With Key Equipment Finance’s service, we will help our customers accelerate those programs that offer the greatest cost savings and enhance services for the communities they serve.”