Portugal’s AdP Group announces €370 million ZERO Energy Neutrality project


In Portugal, water and wastewater company AdP group has announced its ZERO Energy Neutrality Programme to reduce energy consumption and greatly boost its own production of 100% renewable energy.

The aim is to achieve energy neutrality in 2030. The project shall also position the Group to become the first international scale business to attain energy neutrality across all its national and international operations at the global level.

The AdP Group is the largest public consumer of electricity in Portugal with grid consumption amounting to 725.1GWh/year in 2019, just over 1.4% of all the electricity consumed in the country.

The €370 million ($435 million) programme will neutralise the equivalent of 746 GWh – corresponding to the estimated energy consumption in 2030 – and achieving energy neutrality at a 105.3% rate and equivalent carbon neutrality.

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The programme involves achieving neutrality in terms of fuel consumption – 765 GWh -, with energy neutrality obtained at a level of 102.4%.

In environmental terms, this highlights how the Neutrality Programme shall, in 2030, eliminate in the region of 205 tons/year of CO2 emissions and returning savings to Portugal totalling around €5.3 million ($6.2 million) per year (at current prices).

The ZERO Programme foresees the production of around 708GWh/year through recourse to the endogenous resources available at Group company installations, specifically sourced from biogas, wind, hydro and solar power, including floating solar plants, and including:

  • As regards biogas, the forecast is for growth of 48.3GWh/year (+ 163.2% on 2019);
  • Launching the production of wind power with the installation of 48 wind turbines with an estimated production of 115.9 GWh/year;
  • Boosting the output of hydro-electricity achieved through the installation of 38 hydropower plants with a total capacity of 6.9 MW with estimated production achieving 45.0 GWh/year (against the 90.5 MWh produced in 2018);
  • In the case of solar power, this plans for exponential growth in production (from 4.1 GWh to around 478 GWh) with the installation of solar plants able to produce an average of 353 GWh/year in their first year of operation as well as the installation of floating solar panels on 25 reservoirs responsible for an average output of 125 GWh/year. The production of solar energy accounts for 70% of the total increase in energy production planned for by the ZERO Programme.

Through energy efficiency, the Group objective is to cut 35.6 GWh/year from the energy required for water supply (treatment and pumping of water for household consumption), corresponding to a reduction of 8.5% on current consumption.

In the case of wastewater sanitation, the estimated savings rise to in excess of 13%, and a forecast cut of 37.8GWh/year. The estimated investment required by these energy efficiency actions comes in at around €39.6 million ($46.5 million) and due for completion by the end of 2024.

The supply of water accounts for around 60% of total AdP Group energy consumption – 410.3 GWh/year in 2018 -, while wastewater sanitation treatment represents the remaining 40% of consumption and a total of around 284.0 GWh/year in 2018.