Podcast: Gamification in energy


Gamification is the usage of game mechanics and game thinking in serious contexts. In the energy sector it can be used to inform participants about (smart) energy topics or to motivate customers to reach energy efficiency or demand response objectives in a playful manner.

However, this thinking has not reached utility operations until now. In this episode we speak with Filip Prochazka, CEO at Mycroft Mind, Czech-based technology company building a portfolio of innovative systems for processing and analysing big data collected from new sources intelligent smart grids or IoT.

He provides unique insights of the future of visualisation and gamification of data that improves employee engagement and motivation as well as simplifying increasingly complex data and analytics with the energy sector.

You will learn:

  • As advanced analytics becomes increasingly business critical for utilities, what are
    the key trends regarding visualisation of big data
  • Solving complex problems through 3D visualisation and Gamification
  • Real-life examples for utilities
  • Challenges related to data and data utilisation
  • How utilities can take a step forward
  • Vision of the future digital utility

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Filip Procházka has more than 15 years experience in the real-time processing of large data volumes, event detection and big-data analysis for industry and utilities. He studied mathematics and informatics, and his PhD thesis was focused on software architecture of so called Universal Information Robots – AI focused on intelligent data processing. He has been an author and project leader of several large research projects.

In 2007 he founded the company Mycroft Mind, focused on data collection and processing aspects of smart grids. Mycroft Mind is working for large distribution system operators like CEZ, Iberdrola and E.ON.

“Life is energy. If we are concerned about our lifestyle, we should also care about where we take the energy from and how well are we using it. Same as we profit and grow from sharing our lives with other people, we can profit from sharing energy with our neighbours. That’s why we focus on energy communities and smart grid optimisation in our research and development activities.” – Filip Procházka, CEO of Mycroft Mind.

About Mycroft Mind

Mycroft Mind is a Czech high-tech company providing top-class advanced data analytics for IoT networks. With over 8 years on energy market and 15 billion smart meter data processed, they know how to help energy distributors, utilities, cities and manufacturers to face the emerging challenges of the information era.

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