News and insights about IoT systems used in energy-related equipment, such as utilities’ infrastructure, power meters, energy storage batteries, solar panels and device chargers. From sensors monitoring room temperature to complex applications that control the energy use in an entire building, we note the increasingly disruptive role of IoT technology in smart cities, smart energy grids, grid management device management strategies and smart meter communication.

egypt smart meters

IFC fund to accelerate smart meter adoption in Egypt

IFC is investing up to $10 million in a local Egyptian company to help it expand installation of digital prepaid and smart electricity meters.
AI grid management

How computer vision and AI can revolutionise supply chain and grid...

In a century of automotive progress. learning to drive has become an almost universal rite of passage, and good driving skills are a point of pride for many. As a result, it often is difficult for us humans to imagine becoming just passengers in our own self-driving vehicles.

Utility 4.0 – The future utility

In this podcast on Utility 4.0 Dr. Jonas Danzeisen, CEO of Venios GmbH discusses current trends driving the future of utilities.
smart water utilities

US utilities to intensify digital water programmes – here’s why

Black & Veatch has released the results of a new report exploring the adoption of digital technologies by US water utilities.
exxonmobil research

ExxonMobil renews innovation partnership with Princeton Energy Center

ExxonMobil and the Princeton Energy Center have extended their collaboration on R&D and deployment of low-carbon and innovative energy solutions.
metering data management system

Kamstrup and Avance Metering partner on smart and robust utility solutions

Kamstrup and Avance Metering will enter into a strategic partnership to help utilities to put valuable data from smart metering solutions into business use.
demand response

UK research shows how smart homes can boost demand response

New research by Loughborough University reveals significant positive impacts of smart energy technologies in the home, including carbon reductions, energy bill savings, and improved system resilience.
grid management data

Webinar: transforming incident management processes using real-time data

Join Bill McEvoy, Industry Principal for Transmission and Distribution at OSIsoft, as he explains how utilities can leverage real-time data.
power grid

Securing the private-wireless connected power grid

The COVID crisis brought the world economy to a standstill. With near ubiquitous lockdown enforcement to stop the spread of the pandemic, remote operation and virtual collaboration has been absolutely critical to ensure some semblance of business continuity.

Why Utilities Need to Work with Next Generation iPaaS Solutions

Traditional iPaaS is not as effective as it could be. Many organizations still end up with poorly-designed APIs and suboptimal data flows. This often requires manual intervention to fix things, which defeats the purpose of paying someone else to do the work in the first place.

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