News and insights about IoT systems used in energy-related equipment, such as utilities’ infrastructure, power meters, energy storage batteries, solar panels and device chargers. From sensors monitoring room temperature to complex applications that control the energy use in an entire building, we note the increasingly disruptive role of IoT technology in smart cities, smart energy grids, grid management device management strategies and smart meter communication.

Ransomware – the growing cybersecurity scourge

Ransomware attacks are growing significantly in number, sophistication and in the size of the ransoms demanded.
smart meters

Smart meters on UK’s DCC network doubled in one year

Despite disruptions caused by the pandemic on smart meter deployment, the UK has managed to double the number of units connected to the country's network in the past 12 months.

IOTA Tangle DLT for SUSEE smart grid platform

IOTA’s Tangle distributed ledger technology is to form the data structure for the Secure Sensor Platforms for Smart Energy Networks (SUSEE) initiative.

Nozomi Networks secures VC to advance critical infrastructure protection

San Francisco based Nozomi Networks has secured $100 million in pre-IPO funding to grow its OT and IoT security solutions.
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UKPN pilots Vodafone’s 5G network in Constellation smart grid pilot

Vodafone has joined a smart grid pilot being deployed by UKPN to explore how real-time data can be used to accelerate digital transformation

Tampa LoRaWAN being expanded for AMI and IoT solutions at scale

Tampa’s public LoRaWAN network is being expanded across the Bay metropolitan area by software and service provider Senet.

Qualcomm and Capgemini plan to boost 5G implementations for industries

Collaboration aims to improve interoperability, provide proven performance and ease deployment for clients looking to unlock benefits of 5G private networks.

Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard: IIoT networking solutions vendors

Find out why Nokia leads the way in IIoT networking strategy and execution.
distributed intelligence

Itron expands distributed intelligence ecosystem with Grid4C app

Itron announced an expansion to its portfolio of distributed intelligence applications with the addition of Grid4C's AI software
Smart metering

Smart metering and power line communications

Smart metering with two-way communications provides the critical foundation for establishing a smart grid - Networked Energy Systems.

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