Acklio, DLMS UA to connect smart electric meters to LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN makes its entry in the bouquet of network technologies supported by DLMS/COSEM – the most popular protocol for electricity meters across the world.

Earlier this month, the DLMS User Association published the new official communication profile for LPWAN. This is the outcome of a liaison effort led by the LoRa Alliance over the past 18 months.

LoRaWAN thus joins RF Mesh WiSUN among the long-range connectivity technologies specified by DLMS. In this effort, Acklio plays a strategic role. It brings strong expertise in protocol adaptation for LPWAN, and its standard-based adaptation layer.

The 4-year-old French start-up is recognised as an influential player in the SCHC sector. It provides the reference SCHC implementation already proven with a dozen international partners. The toolkit for DLMS is now available off-the-shelf. It allows meter manufacturers to integrate the LoRaWAN connectivity capability in record time. Also, Acklio SCHC gateway platform allows LoRaWAN operators to enter this new market. Other LPWAN technologies are under consideration to broaden the technology mix.

The DLMS User Association invests consistently in standardisation, notably with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It is committed to ensuring full interoperability between all players in the value chain.

The new DLMS over LPWAN profile leverages SCHC, the new IETF standard for IP communications over Low-Power Wide-Area Networks. It allows seamless transmission of DLMS messages over an LPWAN link. This means that utilities keep the original DLMS application environment, both in the smart electricity meter and in the head end system.

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To support this new opportunity, Acklio becomes the 1rst “advanced member” in the DLMS UA. After the technical work, the focus will now shift to certification. To this end, Alexander Pelov, the CEO of Acklio, has become chairman of the DLMS UA qualification committee.

Sergio Lazzarotto, president of the DLMS User Association, said: “The DLMS UA is welcoming Acklio as one of our newest “Advanced members”. We are looking forward to collaborating and develop new standard-based applications for DLMS. We align DLMS specification with standardisation bodies to ensure full interoperability across players. The adoption of the IETF’s SCHC is a major step in this direction. It opens the door to DLMS/COSEM in low-power applications in the IoT world.”

Alexander Pelov, CEO Acklio, adds: “This DLMS over LPWAN profile is the first vertical application of the new SCHC standard. With Acklio software suite, meter manufacturers can now add the new LoRaWAN connectivity option to their catalog in record time. The integration of our SCHC stack only requires a couple of weeks with no impact on the application environment. We look forward to expanding the pool of smart electricity meter suppliers operating over LoRaWAN”.