China to account for 64% of global cellular connections


China will account for 64% of the world’s global cellular connections, according to a study by GSMA Intelligence.

GSMA Intelligence forecasts the number of global cellular connections to reach 1,500 billion of which China will account for 960 million.

China will lead the IoT cellular connections market owing to an increase the deployment of  smart home, smart industry and smart city solutions.

The increase in deployment is a result of ther government and stakeholders continued realisation of the value of IoT as well as the need to transform society through digitisation.

For instance, Sunsea AIoT and China Telecom have deployed some 500,000 NB-IoT enabled sensors in developing a smart community in Jing’an District.

China Unicom has installed over 25,000 gas and water meters utilising an NB-IoT solution that combines the IoT with big data to make energy management more intelligent.

Alex Sinclair, CTO at GSMA, said: “Backed by proactive government support, China is now at the forefront in the development and mass deployment of innovative and transformative IoT based solutions based on Mobile IoT technology.

“These new technologies are being implemented across multiple different vertical sectors fundamentally altering the way we live and work, delivering real-time information and making our cities smarter and our lives easier and more productive.”