New tool to promote data quality and real-time communication


Schneider Electric has announced the release of ArcFM 10.6.1. An extension of Esri’s ArcGIS platform, ArcFM 10.6.1 provides new industry-specific tools and capabilities for utilities, while also giving them an extended runway for migrating to the Utility Network and the ArcFM Solution XI Series.

Utilities are working to become more digital, nimble and automated organisations, but the new technology that facilitates these transformations also causes significant changes.

With ArcFM 10.6.1, utilities can keep the same workflows, apps, interfaces and data models for the next several years, while evaluating, testing and preparing for their transition to the Utility Network.

As part of the preparation, clients can begin the transition to the next generation products including ArcFM Web, ArcFM Mobile and ArcFM DesignerXI, which support both the Geometric Network and the Utility Network.

The release of ArcFM 10.6.1 also provides:

• New QA/QC rules that prevent poor GIS data from making it to other systems and address common data quality issues experienced by ADMS
• The first two-way integration between GIS and the Schneider Electric ADMS, thereby breaking down traditional communication barriers between GIS and operations teams
• Increased product alignment with the EcoStruxure platform, offering more value to utilities through increased flexibility and control of GIS data
• Enhancements to Responder, such as exporting Switch Order Reports to Excel
• Support for multiple frequencies and ranges of frequencies at the port level on industry standard devices within Fiber Manager
• Other new features such as XY locator tool enhancements, renamed toolbars for a more intuitive experience and new automated communication options within Geodatabase Manager

“We understand the challenges utilities face as they prepare to move to the Utility Network and ArcFM Editor XI. The release of ArcFM 10.6.1 helps ease that transition by giving clients more time and breathing room to make the change,” said Jay Stinson, general manager at Schneider Electric.

“In the meantime, they can take advantage of new capabilities that help simplify and automate their current GIS tasks, increase productivity and streamline integrations. Our goal is to enable clients to evolve to the next generation, the ArcFM XI Series platform, at a pace that best fits their business demands.”