DLMS standard now available across LPWAN and for new applications


The DLMS User Association has announced that its standard, currently rolled out across millions of devices globally, can now be used in energy & water infrastructure where low power wireless connectivity features are necessary. 

The DLMS User Association has released the new versions of the ‘Blue and Green’ Books (14 and 10 respectively)  – the tested and approved updates of the DLMS/COSEM standard.

The release of the standard follows successful standardisation and prototyping across WiSUN, LoRAWAN and NB-IoT networks in Liaisons projects.

The new books, which include additional functionality for the standard, mainly detail the approach to using the DLMS standard across low power wireless networks, demonstrating for the first-time possible implementations far beyond the smart metering world in which it is used today. 

Smart Energy International spoke with the DLMS Association’s Tony Field and Larry Colton to understand how open standards encourage collaboration and interconnectivity.

This includes usage in applications such as water metering and health and usage monitoring systems for energy and water preventative maintenance, guaranteeing security and interoperability across devices.

Sergio Lazzarotto, the executive director of the DLMS UA, said; “The DLMS/COSEM standard has been the gold standard for smart meter roll-outs globally for the last 20 years demonstrating its scalability, flexibility and adaptability across various communication pathways.  These latest updates, bringing application of DLMS into low power wireless ecosystems, means that it is now a truly communication agnostic protocol, and is applicable in a variety of other smart device environments. 

“This opens the door for a whole new world – moving from simple energy supply and consumption measurement to implementing the first bricks of the Demand Side Flexibility digital infrastructure needed by control applications that communicate with smart appliances. We’re excited to see how the industry will apply DLMS in the new world of IoT”

The new Green and Blue Books are available for download for members from www.dlms.com.

About DLMS:

DLMS User Association promotes and develops the use of the DLMS/COSEM standard – guaranteeing interoperabilty and security for smart devices.  With over 300 global members ranging from Utilities to technology and meter manufacturers, as well as Consultancies and System Integrators, the User Association has just started a new period of development of the Standard, to support standardisation across other smart technologies.