Electrify America to install 100 EV chargers at retail outlets


In the US, Electrify America has announced partnerships to install 100 electric vehicle chargers at retail, convenience and refuelling locations.

The aim is to increase convenience for EV drivers.

The project has partnered with retail companies including Target Corporation, Brixmor Property Group, Kimco Realty Corporation, Sheetz, Casey’s General Stores, DDR Corporation, and Global Partners LP’s Alltown.

The 100 EV stations are part of the project’s $500 million, cycle 1 investment in EV charging infrastructure development and consumer EV awareness and access initiatives.

Electrify America has plans to install 2,000 fast EV chargers at up to 484 retail, dining, parking and other convenience stations using the cycle 1 investment. This is expected to be done by June 2019.

Over the next decade, a total of $2 billion will be invested towards Electrify America. The investment will be made in four cycles.

Output of the EV chargers will range from 50KW, the most common standard for fast EV charging, up to 350KW for highway stations.

The project’s 350KW charger powers an EV up to 20 miles per minute, seven times faster than the 50kw DC fast charger.

Brixmor Property Group will be the first to install the project’s 350KW fast EV charger at its Chicopee Marketplace in Massachussetts.

Electrify America will also offer 50KW up to 150KW DC and Alternative Current EV fast chargers for metro locations to accommodate plug-in hybrid and non-DC EVs.

Mark McNabb, CEO of Electrify America, said: “These partnerships allow for more convenient charging opportunities for EV drivers.

“We’re purposefully placing our charging stations in locations where people already go, where they are needed, and in places that offer the best customer amenities, such as shopping and food, so that electric vehicle charging is easier and more appealing. We are delighted to partner with these hosts to offer their customers a new on-site service.”