Enel presents Italian excellence in research and technology


Italian utility Enel and non-profit organization profit Symbola Foundation have released a new report which highlights the country’s top 100 and most innovative technology research and development projects.

The main aim behind the Fourth Made in Italy report is to deepen industries’ understanding of how technologies are being used to improve people’s lives through application in daily activities, healthcare, industry and research.

The report was compiled in partnership with UCIMU Foundation.

Key important points mentioned in the report include:

  • The global market for robots and automation grew by 6% between 2017 and 2018 to reach $16.5 billion. Up to 422,000 units were deployed in 2018 alone.
  • China, Japan, South Korea, the US, and Germany are the market leaders.
  • Italy is ranked sixth globally in terms of deployment and research. The country installed 69,142 units in 2018.
  • The Italian robotics market comprises 104 firms, a 10% increase in five years. These companies employ 429 workers.

Ermete Realacci, the president of Symbola Foundation, said: “The 100 experiences told in the Report demonstrate that if Italy works as best as it can, it can meet any challenge, thanks to its ability to forge a synthesis of functionality, beauty, and humanism, as a result of a culture that in the most advanced technological challenges does not neglect the search for an economy and a society on a human scale, as we affirm in the Assisi Manifesto.”

Francesco Starace, the CEO of Enel, said: “100 experiences that demonstrate that Italy can meet any challenge, even the most technologically advanced, without forgetting the importance of research in creating an economy and society on a human scale.

“Together with Symbola we want to enhance Italy’s precious heritage of excellence, shining light on success stories, which are often little known, and talent, which is not always recognized, but which contribute to progress through human-scale solutions.

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“Technology and research are the pillars of the study, which brings together 100 virtuous examples of companies operating in the Italian robotics and automation sector: stories of researchers, academics and firms that have the ability to accelerate progress, once again underscoring the competitiveness and the excellence of the Italian system at the international level. We are convinced that Italy, with its excellence and skills, can be an example of sustainable growth on a global level, demonstrating, in accordance with the Assisi Manifesto, that it is possible to return the human dimension to the centre of our economic model.”

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