Engie to develop 3D model for regional data sharing


Engie has been selected by the France Regional Council to design and deploy a regional data and 3D modelling platform.

The project is part of the Smart Region programme which aims to make France a leader in Europe in adopting innovative digital technologies over the next three years.

Engie is partnering with its subsidiaries SIRADEL and Ineo to design and manage the Smart Platform 2030.

The 3D model will encourage sharing of data between the private and public sectors.

Data sharing will enable citizens, decision-makers and businesses to visualise in a virtual mode the impacts of technologies and plans on the region’s future achievements.

For instance, planning the location of solar panels to improve their performance or simulating conditions of mobility or atmospheric pollution under different scenarios.

The platform is specific for projects relating to urban development, risk management, combating pollution and socio-economic and/or spatial disparities.

Yves Le Gélard, Engie executive vice-president and chairman of SIRADEL believes that “this contract is a perfect illustration of Engie’s approach: combining one of the Group’s historic areas of know-how – i.e. its intimate understanding of regions and their challenges – with its vast expertise in cutting-edge digital technologies in the fields of software and data”.

The project is claimed to be the first covering a whole region in France.