Interoperable communications will fan smart city growth


With the launch of the Wi-SUN Alliance’s Field Area Networks (FAN) certification, Smart Energy International spoke to Phil Beecher, president and CEO, to learn more about open standards based interoperable communications infrastructure.

Even though people use Wi-Fi ubiquitously, whether in the office or domestically, Wi-Fi is definitely not suitable for large scale IoT networks. This is where Wi-SUN Alliance comes in.

This article was originally published in Smart Energy International 2-2019.  The full version will be published on 04 June. Read all articles via our digital magazine today.

Wi-SUN Alliance was established to deliver open standards based interoperable communications infrastructure. It was initially aimed at utilities in particular; however, it has become increasingly applicable in the smart city context. The role of the alliance is to facilitate smart city development, as in the example of Florida Power & Light adding 500,000 street lights to the five million smart meters on the network. Wi-SUN’s role is about delivering the communication infrastructure to enable that.