Itron strengthens SaaS platform in EMEA


Itron has expanded its collaboration with data centre firm Equinix to strengthen its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for utilities and cities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The two have opened a multi-million-dollar data centre in Europe which will host Itron’s multi-commodity SaaS platform.

The development is part of efforts by Itron to enable services and deliver value-based outcomes that solve key challenges for utility and smart city customers around the globe.

The partnership will provide foundational solutions such as manual, mobile and automatic meter reading, meter data management, water operations, consumer engagement and streetlight control.

Additionally, the data centre will host applications that enable cities and utilities to take advantage of Itron’s advanced smart city outcomes like traffic management, gas safety and air quality sensing. Currently, Itron manages more than 64 million IoT devices around the world, including over three million streetlights.

Further strengthening the platform offering, Itron’s standards-based utility critical infrastructure solution, supports the EU Clean Energy Strategy and is targeted to fully incorporate forward-looking industry and regulatory requirements. The SaaS solution also supports multi-transport communications technologies, including 3GPP cellular (2G, 3G and evolving 4G narrowband), Wi-SUN/IEEE-based radio frequency mesh, SigFox, Long Range (LoRa) and Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies.

Don Reeves, Itron’s senior vice president of global services and outcomes, said: “The SaaS platform represents the evolution of Itron’s long heritage of providing networked solutions and relevant, targeted business insights and outcomes to utilities and cities. It further builds on a strong portfolio of devices designed and manufactured by Itron or offered through the integration of technology and solutions from Itron’s vibrant ecosystem of partners.”

Eugene van Bergen Henegouwen, President Equinix EMEA states: “Itron plays a vital role in delivering energy and water to millions of people, by connecting the critical infrastructures of cities and utilities. By expanding our relationship and the deployment of Itron’s IT infrastructure – this is the first deployment Itron signed with us directly for its production environment – we enable them to deliver their multi-commodity SaaS platform and extend their presence to markets worldwide.”