Landis+Gyr receives Wi-SUN certification for its new grid automation device


Landis+Gyr has announced the certification of its new intelligent routing and distribution automation device by the Wi-SUN Alliance, further advancing the concept of interoperability within the sector.

The Network Bridge, an intelligent routing and distribution automation device, is certified as a border router under the Wi-SUN FAN 1.0 field area network certification programme.

This is the latest component of Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream Connect utility IoT platform to receive certification under this programme, which was introduced by the Wi-SUN Alliance last October to promote the interoperability of utility networks. Interoperability of network devices being a key requirement to address grid challenges, such as the increase in decentralised energy, that require swifter grid responsiveness and edge intelligence.

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Phil Beecher, chairman of global communications protocol at Wi-SUN Alliance, speaks about the role of WI-SUN in promoting communications technologies for critical infrastructure networks across the globe.

The Network Bridge provides a wireless connection to a broad range of grid and energy management devices. Additionally, it offers Linux-based distributed computing power and routing capabilities that are critical for Distribution Automation and other smart grid applications. As a complement to this standards-based connectivity, the Network Bridge leverages its on-board processing power to enable advanced encryption that further increases the security of field communication across devices.

Doug Jeademann, vice president of Product Lines at Landis+Gyr, said:  “The two features utilities demand most are interoperability and security for field networks. Our Network Bridge is built to be compatible, interoperable, and secure – whether functioning as a router or as a DA device for monitoring and controlling other assets.

“Wi-SUN certification, paired with an IoT platform designed specifically for utility needs, puts the Landis+Gyr solution at the forefront of addressing evolving utility requirements.”

 Gridstream Connect links smart devices with flexible communication options designed to support intelligent grid functions ranging from advanced metering and distribution automation to consumer engagement and street light management.

 All Wi-SUN certified products are rigorously tested by a third-party test lab to ensure the devices work together effortlessly and securely. Certified devices include a digital certificate to authenticate entry to a Wi-SUN FAN network, which significantly reduces vulnerability to cybersecurity threats.