LUOW registers six new innovative water companies


This year’s Global Water Summit, held in Paris in mid-April, has increased  members of the Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW).

LUOW has registered six new members during the summit. The development increases the number of utilities registered with the organisation to 28 utilities operating in 13 countries.

LUOW is an association comprising utilities, global leaders in innovation in 14 areas.

The inauguration marked LUOW’s first anniversary. Its members have 80 innovation success stories.

The new registrants include:

  • Anglian Water, UK
  • PWN, Netherlands
  • LA Sanitation, USA
  • Hera Group, Italy
  • Southern Nevada Water Authority / Las Vegas Valley Water District, USA
  • Department of Energy, Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE

The six new members had to present three innovation successes out of the 14 key areas considered by LOUW.

Four of the six new members presented their successes in water resource development.

PWN presented on how the longest (4,600 meters) and deepest (85 meters below sea level) drinking water pipelines in the world was installed.

Adel Hagekhalil from LA Sanitation said: “Los Angeles is facing many challenges like many other utilities including climate change, drought, and water quality. To address these challenges, we need to increase resource recovery, implement advanced business intelligences practices, and integrate innovative solutions to forward LA Sanitation’s mission. The (Leading Utilities of the World) network can provide us access to successful practices across the world.”

Some five new members are expected to be inaugurated during the organisation’s next meeting to be held 8-12 July at the Singapore International Water Week.