New report highlights top consumer motivator for smart home investment


Research firm SmartEnergy IP has published the results of a survey conducted to understand factors driving consumers into investing in smart home technologies.

According to the study, customers #1 interest in smart homes is “cool factor.”

Previous surveys suggested security, energy and convenience as leading factors driving consumers into investing in smart homes.

The latest survey reveals that:

  • 34.6% of consumers think that smart home technology is cool.
  • 20% said it would help them save money on their energy bills.
  • 16.4% said it would improve the security of their home.
  • 14.1% selected convenience.
  • The remainder of responders expressed that they had no interest in the smart home at all.

When asked which smart home products they are more interested in, consumers said:

  • 32.8% put smart thermostats
  • 32.2% selected security
  • 28.9% selected smart lighting
  • 26.3% selected voice activation (like home assistants)
  • 20.2% motion sensors
  • 19.7% smart plugs
  • The remainder of respondents responded either none or offered an alternative.

Juliet Shavit, President of SmartMark Communications and Founder of SmartEnergy IP, said: “This data suggests a shift in original thinking and marketing of smart home products.

“Previous data suggests that security was the top rationale for such purchases. We believe this new data will account for a shift in marketing strategy and engagement with these new products.”

The online survey was conducted in Q4 2019, polled 5,000 people across the United States and across market segments.