Nokia and Orange prepare for 4G services in West and Central Africa


Nokia has partnered with telecommunications operator Orange Middle East & Africa to prepare for the launch of 4G services in seven African countries.

The two have launched a three-year network modernisation initiative in Egypt, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Guinea-Bissau and Niger.

Under the initiative, Nokia is replacing Orange’s existing radio access network (RAN) with its modern RAN to support 2G, 3G and 4G services for some 60 million subscribers.

Nokia is also installing an advanced network management technology NetAct to allow Orange to maintain network efficiency, stability and performance. The project includes modernisation of around 11,000 radio sites to enhance the speed and bandwidth of Orange networks

Nokia has established a support centre in Abidjan, Ivory Coast to help Orange in its operations in West and Central Africa. The support centre will be used as a gateway for new Nokia technologies for the smart cities and IoT industries in Africa.

The upgrades are expected to help improve customer services, reduce operational costs and traffic across all networks, For instance, the launch of new 4G services has already helped Orange to record a decrease in operational costs in Egypt.

The company is also enhancing 3G service with an average 85% increase in throughput, and is experiencing a 90% increase in traffic across the seven countries.

Yasser Shaker, CTIO, Orange MEA said: “We needed to ensure a smooth evolution of our network while launching 4G in all countries where it was possible and Nokia was the best partner to pave that way.”

Amr El-Leithy, head of the MEA Market for Nokia, said: “We have a longstanding relationship with Orange in Africa and are thrilled to take this relationship to the next level with this agreement. Our proven technology and services will enable Orange to proactively manage the data explosion and develop new revenue streams. Orange will also be able to offer new services that take advantage of enhanced broadband speeds to enrich the subscriber experience.”