Webinar 28 Oct: How to manage smart metering deployments?

Attend this webinar to find out more about IT and OT convergence, management of technology infrastructure deployments, and how that applies to your smart grid.


Northumbrian Water, Welsh Water trial smart water leakage detection

GB water company Northumbrian Water is leading a trial of leakage detection devices connected to water meters as an alternative to smart meters.

Goldcard Company Introduction

With new technologies, products, and services, Goldcard brings great synergistic effect in smart terminal, smart communication, big data, cloud computing, and mobile application to provide high-value and high-performance products, and end-to-end solutions

Greek transmission operator modernises grid communications with Nokia

IPTO has partnered with OTE Group and Nokia to modernise its telecommunications infrastructure for smart grid operations.

Home energy management pilot launches in Milan

The project is focussed on demonstrating the potential for connected home appliances to provide flexibility to the grid.

Solar PV has potential to power indoor smart devices

New research has shown that commonly available solar PV technology used indoors can power building IoT devices.
fiber network

Cherokee utility deploys fiber network for grid modernisation

Cherokee County Electric Cooperative Association will be deploying a fiber network for smart grid applications.