Australian city lays smart city base with LED initiative


The city of Palmerston in Australia has selected smart city data applications provider Telensa to deploy an intelligent street lighting system.

The deal is part of an LED streetlight upgrade project and will replace 5,000 streetlights with wirelessly connected LEDs.

The LED streetlights will be controlled via a central management system which will be hosted by Amazon Web Services.

The deal follows the launch of a Northern Territory Government initiative to transfer the control of public lighting back to councils.

Telensa is providing the city of Palmerston with wireless network which will provide connectivity  between the central management system and the lights.

The project is expected to pay for itself in reduced energy and maintenance costs, improves quality of service through automatic fault reporting, and turns streetlight poles into hubs for smart city sensors.

 “This project is another example of this Council’s leadership in adopting intelligent infrastructure to deliver a safer, smarter, and more efficient environment for our community,” said City of Palmerston Mayor, Athina Pascoe-Bell.

Will Gibson, Chief Commercial Officer at Telensa. added: “Going forward this system can also act as a platform for further applications, and we are delighted to be working with Palmerston to lay the foundations for a smart city future in the Northern Territory.”