Siemens and Bentley revolutionise asset performance management


Siemens and Bentley Systems have announced a further integration of their respective platforms with the combination of Bentley’s and Siemens’ asset performance management (APM) software capabilities.

The companies say that the integration will allow power plant owners to take full advantage of digitalisation, which helps improve maintenance operations and planning.

Mark Confer, director Business Model Development at Siemens Energy, said that before this integration, APM was mostly a “do-it-yourself” model where plant operators had to hand-build the models. This integration allows connections to flow from the design model of the plant to the asset management model so “it’s immediately implementable,” he said.

The Changing Role of APM

From a power plant operator perspective, the influx of renewable energy “has thrown a wrench into the cog of how utilities normally operate so that’s requiring everybody to re-think how they operate [their plants],” said Confer, adding “so we wanted to revolutionise how APM is used in the power industry.”

The combined solution will provide intelligent analytics with a range of offerings and managed services solutions. The new service will be hosted on Siemens’ cloud-based open IoT operating system, MindSphere. It can also be delivered as a service, with a fully integrated managed service solution set up and run remotely by Siemens power plant experts.

Siemens’ APM solution, part of the company’s Omnivise digital solutions portfolio, covers the entire power plant, including the combustion and steam turbines, as well as associated generators and pumps, motors, transformers, valves, switchgears, and other equipment that affects plant reliability and performance.

“We are one of the largest operators of power plants in the world and we do this as a service to our customers,” said Confer.

“We have been operating plants for 35 years so we ourselves are a customer of these kinds of tools. That gives us a unique perspective of what we want to see in an operating environment,” he added.

Using intelligent models based on predictive analytics, the solution takes data from multiple sources, applies domain and analytical expertise, and then integrates into a customer’s existing Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)/Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) environment to improve maintenance planning, reduce outages, and increase workforce efficiency.

Greg Bentley, CEO, Bentley, said, “We’re excited to be delivering, in this case for power plant owners, operational advantages made uniquely possible by our work with Siemens to leverage IoT and performance digital twins. In effect, we are together advancing APM towards asset performance modeling — where our engineering technologies (ET) compound the value of IT and operations technologies (OT).”

Originally published by Renewable Energy World.