Study reveals 5G’s transformation potential for industry


Research firm Infosys Knowledge Institute has released the results of a survey conducted to understand current and future trends around 5G adoption.

The survey comprised 850 executives from companies with revenues of over $1 billion across 12 industries in the US, Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Key findings of the ‘State of 5G – The Road Ahead’ include:

  • Machine communication will be the most transformed application with 5G.
  • 90% of executives are either actively investigating 5G business cases or defining various use cases and service portfolios with ecosystem partners.
  • Nearly 60% of survey participants say cost and effectiveness are the primary criteria for use case adoption. 57% are looking at 5G for new revenue streams.
  • Over 50% want to use 5G to disrupt the market or drive their brand forward.
  • 59% say data security, 57% say finding the right talent and the other 57% say device readiness are key barriers in 5G adoption.
  • Energy and Utilities mentions integration while manufacturing and virtualized 5G core deployment as key challenges.
  • Consumer Retail and Logistics and Energy and Utilities industries are leaders in 5G strategy with experiments around in-store experience and smart grids respectively.

Nitesh Bansal, senior vice president and global head, Engineering Services, Infosys said, “5G holds significant transformation potential for both network providers and enterprises that will consume it. For network providers, there are significant opportunities for network virtualization, AI and automation, while considerably lowering associated costs and enhancing the delivery of network-based services.

“For enterprises, on the other hand, it unlocks significant value with the addition of use cases that were not possible without low latency and high bandwidth network coverage.  Through our research, ‘State of 5G – The Road Ahead‘, we are looking to present a comprehensive view of the adoption and barriers in implementing 5G. The research also highlights relevant use cases that will serve as a ready reckoner for businesses looking to explore new opportunities in the 5G space.”

The report is available for download here