Swisscom selects Cisco to improve network efficiency and reliability


Swisscom and Cisco have signed an agreement that will further strengthen their strategic relationship on critical network infrastructure. Cisco was selected as the preferred supplier to transform Swisscom’s IP network architecture over the next five years to enable the internet for the future.

Swisscom’s IP network landscape is a crucial element of the service provider’s transport network that builds the backbone of data traffic in Switzerland and carries every bit and byte. It ensures connectivity for Switzerland’s economy and all digital services used by consumers.

With capacity requirements increasing by 25% each year, it is crucial that Swisscom’s transport network expands at the same rate and can provide the base infrastructure for the gradual digitalisation of Switzerland.

As a legacy of the past, Swisscom’s current networking landscape is complex and heterogenous, and the service provider currently operates more than 10 IP networks. As part of Swisscom’s “Network Vision 2030+”, Cisco has been chosen as the preferred supplier to simplify this complex conglomerate and consolidate the different networks into one.

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The goal of the transformation project is to increase efficiency and reliability, and reduce complexity and operating costs. Advanced automation and analytics will be leveraged to further increase the network performance and stability for customers. As a complex system cannot be radically restructured overnight, several projects over the coming years will contribute to this goal. Step by step Swisscom and Cisco will enable the network for the future.

Christoph Aeschlimann, CIO and CTO of Swisscom, said: “This last year has highlighted the criticality of a strong network. Whether it’s business adopting a hybrid-working model, kids learning online, or families communicating with loved ones across the world. It’s essential that our customers have a high-performance network they can rely on to keep them connected.

“Simplifying our complex, legacy network with Cisco will allow us to meet the demands of the future of the internet efficiently, securely, and with massive-scale.”

Jonathan Davidson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group, Cisco, adds: “The pandemic has amplified the importance of digitisation and ubiquitous connectivity, and the world is counting on stable and reliable networks more than ever before.

“A powerful, cost-efficient network infrastructure is crucial to allow every individual and business to make the most of the opportunities presented by the digital age. This transformation project will help to ensure that Swisscom’s network in Switzerland is ready for the surge of emerging cloud applications, 5G, 4K, AI, IoT and more.”