Trilliant and 1NCE partner for a cost-effective cellular solution


Trilliant has partnered with 1NCE to deliver low-cost cellular connectivity designed to make last-mile connections for low data IIoT and smart meter applications.

1NCE is a leading global tier-1 Internet of Things (IoT) carrier by enabling scalable cellular communication services seamlessly across all available technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT and LTE-M at a single one time tariff in over 100 countries worldwide with no additional service fees.

This makes it particularly easy for companies to calculate connection costs for devices over their entire lifetime. 1NCE is specialised in managed connectivity services for IoT applications including asset tracking, tank monitoring, vehicle telematics, waste management and smart metering.

Alexander P. Sator, the CEO of 1NCE, said: “Trilliant is a leader in smart metering, smart grid and smart cities and a natural partner for 1NCE’s innovative connectivity solutions.

“Trilliant has one of the largest cellular controlled smart meter portfolios globally and partnering with our global platform with full eSIM and multi-bearer management capabilities further enhances Trilliant’s technical and commercial propositions in fast-growing, security-led IIoT environments.”

Richard Wiles, Vice President of the UK and Ireland for Trilliant, speaks about the future of the energy industry and the impact consumers have on the energy landscape.

The technology provides Trilliant with another solution for last mile mobile communications to support low bandwidth IoT, IIoT and smart grid devices, and further enables flexible options for smart metering and additional IIoT devices to accommodate future growth as customers’ unique needs evolve.

By utilising essential network assets Trilliant can provide long-term stability and security of their network services to customers.

Andy White, CEO of Trilliant, adds: “Trilliant works closely with our extensive global partner network to provide unmatched technology integration and develop innovative solutions that meet both client and industry needs.

“We are excited to work with 1NCE to expand upon our robust private network, utilising a cost-effective, device-agnostic platform to create a long-term leverageable asset across the enterprise.”

Trilliant enables actionable intelligence with an open and secure communications platform and approach.

This announcement comes shortly after news that Trilliant’s information security management system was certified to the ISO 27001 standard for a robust information security strategy to systematically meet the expectations of customers.