India’s Hyderabad to deploy 40,000 smart water meters


In India, Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board announced plans to deploy smart water meters at full scale.

The utility will install 40,000 smart water meters over the next three years in a bid to reduce meter tampering, water theft and to improve revenue collection.

The development follows a successful pilot which included 1,000 smart meters installed for residential consumers.

Dana Kishore, managing director at Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, said: “These meters cannot be tampered with. Earlier people used to tamper with the pressure sensor meters using magnets. The new digital water meters are expected to improve revenue by over 25 to 30%.”

The utility claims it recorded an increase in revenue collection by 20 to 22% from metering points which participated in the pilot.

The water distribution firm will complete installation in Malkajgiri by the end of this year.

The smart water meters programme will be integrated with a water efficiency initiative to help consumers reduce usage and costs.

This will be done through consumer access to real time water usage data. Access to usage data will help consumers to identify water efficiency potentials through regulation of usage.