Webinar broadcast date: Thursday 5 December 2019

08h30 New York | 12h30 GMT | 12h30 London | 13h30 Paris | 14h30 Johannesburg | 18h00 New Delhi | 20h30 Singapore

The energy ecosystem is increasingly characterised by decarbonisation, decentralisation, and digitalisation. These three factors are inseparable. Digital technology provides the means to manage the increasingly complex system sufficiently.

At the same time, digitalisation itself would be inconceivable without electrical power. But while the digitalisation of industrial processes, homes, and even vehicles, the so-called 'Internet of Things' (IoT), has already made it into public awareness, the unfolding smart energy infrastructure powered by IoT technology went less noticed so far. It’s a networked system of smart energy technology and applications across generation units, storage, substations, automated distribution equipment, energy meters, buildings, and power consumers that we call the 'Internet of Energy' (IoE). 

Join Siemens in this interactive webinar and learn how IoE in MV and LV distribution can easily be realised with zero engineering onboarding and cybersecurity inbuild. Get new, data driven insights through retrofit of an HV/MV substation – as a Power Utility Company in India optimised their processes. Another example is a Dutch DSO. They get insights into the LV grid – transparency on consumer and prosumer LV grid interactions.


Dr. Dagmar Bleilebens | Global Head: MindSphere Application Centre for Internet of Energy | Siemens AG

Beryl Lopez | Head: MindSphere Application Centre for Internet of Energy | Siemens Ltd India

Sadok Kechaou |Digital Solutions Business Strategist and Developer | Siemens AG