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The Zigbee Alliance has announced that there are now more than 3,000 Zigbee certified and compliant products and platforms available to the market.

Amazon claimed the 3,000th Zigbee certified product spot with their 2nd generation Echo Show. The Echo Show features a built-in smart home hub that easily connects to Zigbee-based light bulbs, door locks, sensors, and more.

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The milestone highlights the growing market for smart homes and buildings in the United States.

Jon Harros, director of certification and testing programmes at Zigbee Alliance, said: “Hitting the 3,000th certification demonstrates how collaborating across brands and standards is what’s helping our market flourish as everyone wants choice and the ability to easily connect devices to one another.

“Our member companies work in different areas of the IoT realm yet come together to drive innovation and development through Zigbee Certification. Each qualified product and platform further expands the interoperability universe for us all.”

Michael Koster, Zigbee Alliance board director and principal research engineer for Samsung SmartThings, added: “Certification is a necessary step to achieving interoperability and ensuring products are reliable and valued when put on the market. We collectively as an IoT industry need to all be certifying to protect our investments and put forth a successful, connected experience for those using our offerings.”

“Customers tell us they want smart home devices that are simple to set up, reliable, and work together seamlessly,” said Chris DeCenzo, principal engineer, Amazon, and Zigbee Alliance board director. “By contributing to open standards and pursuing Zigbee certification for products including the 2nd Gen Echo Show, our goal is to help ensure customers can choose from a wide range of smart home devices and know that they’ll work great together.”

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