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The Public Service Commission of Yazoo in the US state of Mississippi has partnered with technology firm Johnson Controls to implement a smart water meters programme.

The programme is being deployed under a $2.7 million energy savings performance contract.

The two will replace some 4,500 water meters with advanced and digital units, leak detectors and automatic meter reading equipment.

The project is expected to help the city utility to improve meter-reading accuracy, reduce operational costs and support sustainability initiatives including improving consumer water efficiency.

The city is expecting to achieve $202,954 in benefits for the first year and more than $4.37 million in benefits over the life of the 20-year project.

The deal follows the city recording very high non-revenue water levels due to ageing water infrastructure.

Brad Mason, account executive, Johnson Controls, said: “By engaging in an energy saving performance contract with Johnson Controls, the city will be able to implement the upgrades without raising water or sewer rates for residents.”