Paris Agreement
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The Center for Behaviour & the Environment has issued a whitepaper that quantifies the contribution individual behaviour change can make towards curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Center analysed 80 climate solutions to provide recommendations on best practices to mitigate global warming.

The analysis found that individual behaviour plays a significant role in 30 of the analysed solutions.

According to the study, an increase in adoption of the analysed 30 behavioral solutions could mitigate up to 36.8% of emissions between 2020 and 2050.

The emissions reduction potential of these solutions is between 393 and 729 gigatons of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gases.

The projected total greenhouse gas emissions from 2020-2050 is 1,979 gigatons.

The study investigates solutions in four categories including food, agriculture and land management, transportation and energy and materials.

The report also shows how behavior change tools can be applied to conservation and climate action.

“Solving the global climate change crisis is going to rely on, in one way or another, changing human behaviour, states the report.

Brett Jenks, CEO of Rare, adds: “Tackling climate change can seem overwhelming, and people often feel like they can’t possibly make a difference. This report proves otherwise.

“Our findings should offer hope to everyone looking for what they can do on a personal level to help address the climate crisis.”

The report is available for download here…