New technology

Grid enhancing technologies – the ‘shared savings’ option for the US

A ‘shared savings’ incentive scheme proposed to advance grid enhancing technologies in the US appears to be gathering momentum.



Introducing Orca: The world’s largest carbon capture and storage plant

Climeworks has officially launched Orca, the world’s largest direct air capture and storage plant that permanently removes CO₂ from the air.

How many steps to power your kitchen?

New kinetic flooring brings the opportunity to generate energy from the power of footsteps and its costs are falling.

Wales & West Utilities to inject hydrogen to GB gas grid

Wales & West Utilities has got the go ahead to inject gas containing up to 1% hydrogen into its network in Swindon in southwest England.
Hydrogen trains on track

Sector coupling: Hydrogen on track

Coupling across sectors is a a key feature of the energy transition and the railways are now attracting growing interest.
Maritime sector and hydrogen developments

Catching hydrogen’s next big wave

François le Scornet runs through the challenging but promising deployment of hydrogen-based solutions in the maritime sector.

TBQM turbine gas meter passes test with favourable data

The TBQM gas turbine flowmeter from Goldcard subsidiary, Tancy, has recently passed the 'Joint Industry Project' (JIP) test led by DNV·GL, which aims to validate turbine and ultrasonic meters' performance at high-pressure with a mix of different gases.