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Analysis and announcements of any and all new energy innovation and technological grid developments within the energy sector. This includes any products and solutions within the grid research and development phase, testing or currently in use. New technology includes but is not limited to e-mobility, energy storage, grid enhancements, IoT, digitalisation, smart meters, clean energy, renewable energy, distributed energy etc.

perskovite solar

New solar PV studies use perskovite cells to capture ‘invisible light’

New research by scientists from universities in Australia and the US has demonstrated solar PV cells that capture solar energy from invisible light, replacing silicone and making solar technology both significantly cheaper, and more efficient.
technology platform

E.ON selects SAP to build new platform for network operations

E.ON has selected SAP to build a new process and technology platform to optimise network operations.
certification programme

OCF launches industry’s first cloud-to-cloud certification programme

OCF has announced the completion of OCF Specification Release 2.2.0 and the launch of the first-ever cloud-to-cloud certification programme.

Ed’s note: Could emissions capturing technology change the natural gas story?

Is it possible to change the story of natural gas – or even coal – through the use of carbon capture technology?

Enel deploys one of the world’s largest grid virtualisation projects

Enel has partnered with a consortium of technology companies to deploy one of the world’s largest network virtualisation projects.
renewable energy

A new €125 million project to accommodate renewable energy in the...

Air Liquede has invested €125m to build the first world-scale air separation unit (ASU) for oxygen production with an energy storage system

ADD GRUP deploys large G3-PLC hybrid in harsh Russian grid network

Smart meters based on G3-PLC hybrid solution have been deployed at the largest distribution company, in the southern region of the Russian Federation.

E.ON unveils new digital IoT platform for green and healthy workplaces

E.ON Digital Technology has developed a new IoT monitoring system to make production facilities greener, healthier and more cost effective.
G3-PLC Alliance

Major milestone in development of first hybrid PLC & RF communication...

The G3-PLC Alliance has taken a lead by developing the next generation PLC standard incorporating radio frequency (RF) capabilities.

Exelon Foundation launches virtual STEM Innovation Leadership Academy

The Exelon Foundation in collaboration with Exelon Corporation has announced the return of its annual STEM Innovation Leadership Academy.

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