clean energy
Image credit: U.S. Embassy in Israel

The US Department of Energy (DoE) and Israel’s Ministry of Energy (MoE) along with the Israel Innovation Authority have selected seven clean energy projects to receive a $6 million investment.

The opportunity falls under the Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Energy programme.

Selected projects address energy challenges and opportunities of interest to both countries and focus on commercialising clean energy technologies that improve economic competitiveness, create jobs and support innovative companies.

Projects that qualify for BIRD Energy funding must include one US and one Israeli
company, or a company from one of the countries paired with a university or research
institution from the other.

BIRD Energy began in 2009 as a result of the Energy Independence and Security Act of
2007. Since then, BIRD Energy has funded 43 projects, with a total investment of about
$34 million, including the most recent