Augmented reality solution for remote power system field worker support launched


Remote Expertise, an augmented reality-based solution for remote field services technical support of power system equipment, has been launched by Schneider Electric.

The solution is aimed to provide virtual technical and domain expertise support to customers, without the need for a field service representative to be onsite.

Remote Expertise leverages augmented reality software with delivery via a secure and platform-agnostic mobile application. It is designed to give customers access to experienced field technicians virtually and enable quick and efficient troubleshooting of common challenges.

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With the solution, field technicians can perform duties in real time such as distribution system assessments and audits, as well as delivery of safety and compliance recommendations. Equipment status reporting and provision of basic corrective measures are other opportunities.

“As business continuity becomes paramount, organizations now need real-time and on-demand access to the digital tools and services that protect their equipment health and keep their operations running smoothly and at full capacity,” said Jerome Soltani, senior vice president, US Services, Schneider Electric, in a statement. “We believe augmented reality is a key part of the future of digital services.”

Remote Expertise was designed with critical infrastructure facilities, such as data centres and industrial and healthcare facilities in mind to avoid the risk of electrical equipment failure in critical power distribution systems.

Benefits should include improved efficiency and cost savings, alongside business continuity, faster fault fixing and compliance with safety requirements. Virtual diagnostics can be used for preventive maintenance scheduling and replacement of at-risk equipment.

The service can be delivered on-demand or as part of a yearly contract.