E.ON unveils new digital IoT platform for green and healthy workplaces


E.ON Digital Technology has developed a new IoT monitoring system to make production facilities greener, healthier and more cost effective.

The platform and device processes data on air quality and room temperature to accurately predict their future development. Air quality data includes the amount of humidity, movements or the concentration of gases and pollutants such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxides.

The system combines data from multiple sensors with weather forecasts and applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the optimum situation for the workplace.

By combining the data, the system calculates when fresh air needs to be added to the workplace ensuring a healthy and safe workplace.

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The new system’s heart is a processor module that is only the size of a credit card.

Every hour, about 10 million data points are collected and calculated inside and outside working environments including industrial plants.

The IoT platform can determine exactly which window should be opened at which time in order to ensure an optimal working climate at all times.

Since a change in the temperature level of just one degree Celsius affects heating costs by 12%, the optimum duration of the fresh air supply is also determined so avoid lost heat and therefore energy.

Matthew Timms, chief digital and technology officer at E.ON, said: “This invention is a great example of how E.ON is working to help customers create a better future for their employees whilst saving energy and improving the work environment. This innovative solution is based on leveraging a huge amount of data easily. E.ON will develop further digital solutions and business models for quality of life and climate protection.”

E.ON will offer the intelligent monitor as a licensed product at the beginning of next year.