Enel unveils Mobility Map to help Italy contain COVID-19


In Italy, Enel has launched a big-data enabled tool to help the government and civil protection department address the COVID-19 crisis.

Enel has developed the City Analytics-Mobility Map through its subsidiaries Enel X and HERE Technologies to provide government agencies with mobility indicators to support analysis of COVID-19 containment measures.

The tool estimates variations in the public’s movements and kilometers travelled throughout national, regional and municipal areas to help Italy to implement COVID-19 recovery policies.

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The tool is an addition to a digital platform developed by Enel X to help governments optimise urban planning.

The maps also leverage location data from mobile applications and open data from government agencies.

The data can be consulted for free until May 31st, 2020, by central and local government agencies.

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Francesco Venturini, head of Enel X, said: “The new release of City Analytics is an innovative tool developed to meet the needs of government agencies taking on the emergency.

“Thanks to the collaboration with HERE Technologies we have provided the country with an effective solution for evaluating developments in mobility flows across the territory, which can be used to plan the recovery phase.”