Energy blockchain R&D initiative introduced


The Lab has been launched to build out new functionality, services, development tools and other enhancements on the Energy Web tech stack.

One of the first projects under development is the newly announced decentralised financing application for crowdfunding energy sector projects in emerging economies via Energy Web Tokens in partnership with Engie Energy Access.

Others include additional staking models on the stack, the migration of non-energy crypto applications to the Energy Web Chain and launching of the development of Energy Web Chain 2.0.

The initiative is being led by Walter Kok, who has stepped down as CEO of Energy Web.

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The new CEO is Jesse Morris, who has been with Energy Web from its outset joining from the Rocky Mountain Institute as a co-founder, and served previously as chief commercial officer.

“We are growing fast around the world, and I’m thrilled to continue informing our strategy as we forge ahead with The Lab,” commented Kok.

“We will kick-off additional bleeding edge projects to demonstrate the level of innovation that is possible with our EW-DOS today. We are going to speed up the pace and will bring other sectors to our carbon-neutral Energy Web Chain too.”

Energy Web’s core team has grown rapidly, almost tripling since the EW Chain’s one-year anniversary in 2020. In less than two years, the EW Chain’s validator network has grown to 44 companies spanning four continents. Some 45,000 wallet addresses have already generated 28 million transactions with further significant growth anticipated.

“The two industries we straddle – crypto and grid digitisation – are still in their infancy. For as much as we’ve collectively accomplished until now, we’re just getting started,” promises Morris.

As part of its activities, The Lab has launched an ‘Ambassadors’ programme for interested persons to work alongside the team to develop and build out new features for the Energy Web tech stack.