ENGIE launches carbon intelligence platform


Germany multinational utility ENGIE has launched Ellipse, a carbon intelligence platform designed to help businesses to track their greenhouse gas emissions in real-time.

The launch is part of efforts by ENGIE to accelerate global decarbonisation efforts. The platform enables businesses to design decarbonisation strategies, chart their progress and optimise sustainability investments.

The system is designed to be integrated into existing digital ecosystems, bringing carbon net-zero strategies to the forefront of corporate programmes.

ENGIE developed Ellipse in response to climate commitments increasingly growing over the last few years with the average annual emissions reduction target increasing three-fold from 2005–2017.

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ENGIE’s Ellipse offer allows organisations to:

  • Build an Accurate Emissions Footprint: The first step to decarbonisation is understanding emissions data across scope 1, 2 and 3. By harnessing artificial intelligence and custom Application Programming Interface, Ellipse aggregates and analyzes dynamic data streams for a highly accurate view of emissions across an organization’s entire value chain. Moving beyond the traditional annual reporting cadence, this real-time view will measure carbon as a true business performance indicator on an ongoing basis.
  • Integrate Project, Goal and Target Tracking: Intuitive visualisations within the platform connect project performance to expected outcomes, measuring return on investment, carbon impact and more.
  • Develop Engineering-Grade Scenario Modeling: Machine learning algorithms, built on insights from over one million facilities, enable carbon-first decision making amidst rapidly evolving market conditions.
  • Create a 360° View of Scope 3 Emissions: By gathering vast amounts of data, organizations can identify hot spots and model supplier-specific mitigation scenarios.

Catherine MacGregor, ENGIE CEO, said: “A true sustainability transformation requires significant investment, organizational transformation and a reimagining of business strategies, alongside the continuous consolidation of disparate data. Ellipse works as a strategic tool to help organizations make informed decisions and reach their net zero-emission goals.”

Ellipse was developed by ENGIE Impact, an ENGIE entity that delivers sustainability solutions and services to corporations, cities and governments across the globe.