Enel to offer new services to domestic customers


Italian multinational energy company Enel Energia has signed a deal with internet services firm Melita Italia to improve its customer offerings.

The deal enables the utility to combine the supply of electricity and gas with a fibre connection using FTTH (Fiber To The Home) technology.

This means Enel customers will have a single bill for electricity, gas and fibre services.

Melita Italia will supply the service through the high-speed Fiber To The Home technology, using only optical fibre to the homes and ensuring better connection stability.

The combined service by the two companies “Enel in Fibra by Melita” will be launched on January 9th, 2020.

“Enel in Fibra by Melita” will offer a connection up to 1 Gigabit per second in download and 300 Megabit per second.

Nicola Lanzetta, Enel’s Head of Market Italy, said: “High-speed connection is an enabling factor to fully benefit from smart home innovations and the advantages that derive from the digitisation of the energy sector.

“Thanks to this collaboration with a partner like Melita, which has a consolidated experience in the telecommunications sector, we will provide customers with a third commodity that is taking on an increasingly central role in daily operations.”

Riccardo Ruggiero, Executive President of Melita Italia, said: “This is a very positive agreement for Melita, which allows us to combine our offer, exclusively in fibre optics, to the homes (Fiber To The Home), to the light and gas services of the main Italian player. This partnership can also be a stimulus for the further development of FTTH technology in Italy, which today is constantly growing but not yet in line with other European countries.”