Preventing and detecting gas leaks, limiting fugitive emissions


Picarro and Italgas have introduced intelligent software for detecting the presence of gas in vehicles dedicated to the leaks search. This technology is at the forefront in terms of limiting fugitive emissions.

Italgas reduces emissions and prevents gas leaks using Picarro, an innovative technology coupled with intelligent software for detecting the presence of gas in the air.

Safety, technology and environmental awareness

“Picarro Surveyor” is an innovative technology that makes the monitoring of gas leaks in the Italgas network more efficient and extended. It is so efficient that it can detect one in a billion methane molecules (CH4), compared to one in a million with traditional techniques.

Compared to the traditional methodology, this new technology offers greater advantages in terms of speed of execution and extension of the inspected areas.

Technology capabilities:

• Detecting fugitive emissions with a sensitivity three times greater than those currently used by all other industry players (parts per billion vs parts per million)

• Detecting a gas leak even at a distance of several tens of meters from the path covered by the equipped vehicle, thanks to specific onboard sensors and sophisticated calculation software.

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Benefits generated

The introduction of the new technology makes it possible to improve efficiency in gas leak detection in order to intervene promptly in safety activities. In addition, Picarro’s risk model assesses which sections of the network are most prone to leakage, paving the way to the optimisation of inspections and the prioritisation of maintenance work using machine learning algorithms.