RWE leverages data centers to stabilize grid


RWE has partnered with Riello Power Systems to ensure data centers contribute to the stability of grid networks during times when demand is high.

RWE and Riello have developed a solution, Master+, to enable data centers to automatically draw power from the grid, store it and provide to the grid during imbalances.

The solution comprises a premium battery with increased storage capacity and an integrated battery monitoring system. The solution can be integrated with an emergency power generator which data centers can leverage to generate their own power and supply it into the grid.

The solution has to date been adopted by Kraftwerks-Simulator-Gesellschaft mbH (KSG), a data center based in Essen, Germany.

Dr. Burkhard Holl, Head of Engineering and Operations at KSG, said: “With “Master+” and the marketing of our emergency power generator, we can benefit from the energy market: we have a higher storage capacity and our battery storage is monitored around the clock. This means greater security of supply while at the same time generating additional revenues – a solution that is both profitable and resource-efficient for us. Another advantage is that the emergency power generator is not used much more frequently than usual, even with RWE´s remote control system.

“Put simply, we cycle the test runs of the emergency power generators, which take place anyway, in exactly the same way so that the networks are relieved,” explains Claudius Beermann, product manager at RWE. “In this way, we replace wear-promoting test runs at low load with targeted operations under high load.”

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