Tancy ultrasonic flow meter completes natural gas flow test in Wuhan


The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), a large flow metering station in Wuhan, has completed the first natural gas flow test on a Tancy TUS-6 & -8 path high-pressure ultrasonic gas meter.

The TUS series is the first high-pressure ultrasonic flowmeter that was jointly developed by Goldcard and Tancy, which meets the accuracy class 0.5 metering requirements.

This technology adopts a multi-sound layout design, supports 4G/5G communication, and has a self-diagnosis feature, therefore realizes product whole life cycle management, it is a perfect high-pressure metering device to be widely used in gas transmission pipelines, city gas, petroleum, chemical industry and other applicable fields.

The successful completion of this test in CNPC Wuhan marks the maturity and show the capacity of 0.5 level high-pressure natural gas flowmeter metering and verification device in China. It lays a solid foundation for promoting the technological progress of domestic ultrasonic flowmeter and its application in the domestic fiscal metering.

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