Vattenfall and Microsoft develop world’s first-of-its-kind renewable energy tracker

Swedish utility Vattenfall has partnered Microsoft to develop a first-of-its-kind solution to help customers to optimise their energy management as well as provide them with insights regarding the source of their energy on an hourly basis.

The 24/7 solution enables:

  • Energy providers to easily understand demands for renewable energy hour-by-hour and take action to help production meet demand. 
  • Businesses to see if their commitment to 100% renewable energy cover each hour of consumption and translate sourcing of renewable energy into climate impact. 
  • 24/7 matching of consumption to production drives the true market demand for renewable energy.
  • The system can inspire regulatory change in how Guarantees of Origin and renewable energy certificates are created, acquired, and retired.

The technology is being tested by the two companies at Microsoft’s headquarters in Sweden.

The platform is based on Microsoft’s Azure IoT Central system which energy generation data with consumer energy usage data.

Energy generation data is sourced from wind and solar assets whilst consumer usage data is acquired from smart meters.

Andreas Regnell, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at Vattenfall, said: “We are very happy to further develop our relationship with this advanced offering. Microsoft has high renewable ambitions and this solution shows how new digital solutions and technology can be used to enable a fossil-free living. The solution gives us possibilities to offer customers specific data and unique precision, that can support them in decisions, environmental efforts and communication.”

Daniel Akenine, National Technology Officer at Microsoft Sweden, adds: “With this new level of transparency, you can see if your commitment to 100% renewable energy covers each hour of consumption. This pilot that combines Vattenfall’s energy expertise and technology from the Microsoft cloud has the potential to change the dynamics of renewable energy production and consumption to accelerate the reality of a fossil-free future for everyone.”

Microsoft has operated as a carbon-neutral company since 2012.