The New York Power Authority (NYPA) is set to deploy Internet of things (IoT) software to help its customers become smart as well as improve their energy efficiency.

NYPA is partnering with C3 IoT to implement the energy efficiency programme.

The utility will use the company’s artificial intelligence-enabled software-as-a-service application as a foundation to achieve its digital transformation and consumer energy efficiency goals.

NYPA is deploying the C3 Energy Management application as part of its New York Energy Manager programme (NYEM), designed to improve energy management in buildings.

The partnership with C3 IoT is expected to help consumers oversee their energy use and identify energy efficiency potentials.

The application will enable NYEM to acquire consumer energy usage data from smart meters, building management systems, sensors, end-use equipment, weather data, utility bills, occupancy and daylight data in real time.

The application possesses machine learning capabilities which NYEM will use to generate insights regarding individual consumer energy usage patterns, to deliver personalised energy efficiency recommendations.

The contract has been reached at a time when NYPA expects buildings participating in the NYEM to reach 20,000 by 2020.

Increases in buildings participating in energy management programmes will help New York achieve its goal to have building operators reduce energy consumption by 185 British thermal units below forecasted energy use by 2025. This will be enough energy used to power 1.8 million New York homes.

Gil Quiniones, CEO at NYPA, said: “Our partnership with C3 IoT is an important step in NYPA’s journey to become the nation’s first end-to-end digital utility.

“We envision a future where customers play an increasingly vital role in understanding and managing their energy usage more efficiently – whether that’s to optimise productivity, reduce costs, or decrease their carbon footprint. Together, we are leveraging next-generation technology to take advantage of the new energy landscape and the opportunities it presents for our customers.”

The application will enable NYPA to digitise services including building energy load forecasting, fault detection and diagnostics, continuous optimisation of energy use, dynamic demand response, solar and energy storage monitoring, and aggregation, as well as dispatch of buildings as distributed energy resources.

The deployment of the technology falls under efforts to achieve the state’s clean energy goals set under the Reforming the Energy Vision programme aimed at combatting climate change.

To date, NYPA produces 70% of its energy using clean energy resources.
NYPA joins utility companies including AEP, Consolidated Edison, Duke Energy, Eversource, Enel, Engie and SDG&E in using C3 IoT’s application.