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News and analysis concerning policy & regulation in the energy sector, including regulatory changes, bills, laws, utility compliance issues and shifts in government structure and policy. This includes project finance, energy sector surveys and reports on energy market trends, business risks and opportunities, together with information on cross border transmission and distribution.

What the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill means for the US energy landscape

A group of senators has released a $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework designed to make transformational investments in energy, transport, clean water and broadband infrastructure.
Comsumer engagement is important to gain trust

Ed’s note: Do consumers trust you?

Big announcements of major infrastructure projects make good headlines for politicians and are easy to pronounce but not necessarily as easy to implement.
Does shared value equal fair innovation in Utility-Land?

Does shared value equal fair innovation in utility-land?

Treating societal challenges as business opportunities is the most important new dimension of corporate strategy and the most powerful path to social progress.

Britain’s flexibility market shows ‘incredible growth’

1.6GW of flexibility has been contracted by Britain’s distribution network operators during 2021 to date, up from the 1.1GW during 2020.

Cybersecurity for critical infrastructure gets a boost in US

A Memorandum on Improving Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Control Systems has been signed by US President Joe Biden.

EDF’s planned restructuring goes on hold

The major restructuring of France’s majority government owned EDF is reported to hit a roadblock with the European Union.

Revamp of India’s distribution sector launched

Improvement in the quality and reliability of India’s distribution supply is in the sights of a new ‘reforms based and results linked’ scheme.
power sector and weather

Three barriers to India’s power sector resilience and how to address...

A new report released by the Rocky Mountain Institute explores the resilience of the Indian power sector to climate change and provides recommendations on how to build a secure and reliable grid.
energy codes

New building energy codes to help the US achieve $138bn in...

Revised building energy codes Standard 90.1-2019 will help US buildings save up to $138 billion in energy costs over a period of 30 years.

Not just any transition

This energy transition may turn out to be a just-in-time transition in terms of combating climate change, but it must also be a morally and financially fair just energy transition.

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