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News and analysis concerning energy sector regulatory changes, bills, laws, utility compliance issues and shifts in government structure and policy. Project finance, energy sector surveys and reports on energy market trends, business risks and opportunities, together with information on cross border transmission and distribution is included.

history of metering, history of electricity meter

Podcast #5: Simply Electrifying – How electricity continues to transform the...

In this episode, we speak to Dr Craig Roach, author of the book 'Simply Electrifying: The Technology that Transformed the World, from Benjamin Franklin to Elon Musk', about historic moments in the energy sector, the stories behind the people involved and how he believes the story will continue to play out.
climate finance

IFC vows to help Ukraine boost climate finance

The IFC has signed a cooperation agreement with Ukraine’s National Securities and Stock Market Commission to help boost climate finance in the country.

Mandating building efficiency retrofits vital to climate action

ACEEE has said US cities and states must mandate building retrofits to meet climate crisis.
renewables by 2030

UK’s National Infrastructure Commission calls for 65% renewables by 2030

New research carried out for the National Infrastructure Commission shows how sharp falls in the cost of renewable generation mean that Britain should aim for renewables to meet two-thirds of electricity needs by 2030 and that this can be delivered at the same overall cost as meeting only half of total demand by that date.
utilities decarbonisation

Major US utilities, EPRI announce massive decarbonisation drive

The Electric Power Research Institute, Gas Technology Institute and several of the US' largest utilities have announced a five-year initiative to accelerate demonstration.
Paris Agreement

Top four renewables strategies to meet the goals of the Paris...

DNV GL has released a new report which outlines focus areas where concentrated efforts can enable the large-scale uptake of renewable energy.
real estate energy efficiency

ACEEE calls for inclusion of efficiency scores in real estate listings

Including home energy efficiency scores in online real estate listings would help buyers to buy more-efficient homes with lower energy costs - ACEEE.

Reaching net zero could be too cheap to meter or too...

Overall, if the paths to net zero are taken, significant upfront investment will have to be made over a sustained period and at the moment there is not the market signals to make this happen.
Mark W. Menezes

US: Senate confirms Menezes as DoE’s Deputy Secretary of Energy

The Deputy Secretary is responsible for driving transformative energy progress and technology solutions through coordinated planning, management, and innovation.
US economy energy efficiency

Efficiency sector could fuel the US economy with 666,000 new jobs

A package of federal investments in energy efficiency would stimulate the US economy and create 660,000 jobs through 2023, according to ACEEE.

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