ABB and Rolls-Royce expands utility-scale microgrid offerings


Together the two companies will offer a microgrid solution for utilities, commercial and industrial entities.

Through the partnership, Rolls-Royce’s MTU Onsite Energy brand, Power Systems, will be combined with ABB’s Ability e-Mesh modular microgrid solution, control capability and remote service.

“Due to the transformation towards decarbonisation, customers need to pursue sustainable power options that also deliver utmost profitability. For this, we rely primarily on microgrids, which are autonomous energy supply systems that are efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly,” said Andreas Schell, CEO, Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

Massimo Danieli, head of ABB’s grid automation business within the company’s Power Grids division said, “ABB has a vast number of microgrid installations globally and through our partnership with Rolls-Royce Power Systems, we will further support the growing interest for microgrid solutions.”

The ability of microgrids to seamlessly separate themselves from the main grid, in the event of a potential grid fault or emergency, is an increasingly important feature.

Reliable power supply – even during harsh weather conditions and times of peak consumption – is critical for economic growth. Integrating renewable energy is a sustainable solution to support uninterrupted power as well as encourage clean energy use.

Microgrid solutions benefit utilities, industries and commercial sites that are looking for reliable power supply as well as cost and carbon emission reduction.

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