ADB forms an advisory group for digital technologies


The Asian Development Bank has established an advisory team which will be responsible for the planning and implementation of the organisation’s strategies on digital technologies.

The advisory team comprises eight members who will work assess the implications digital technologies can hav/e on the group’s development works.

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The development is part of ADB’s Strategy 2030, which includes integrating sustainability in the organisation’s core operations through the use of sustainable, innovative and digital technologies.

Energy funding in South-east Asia

The unveiling of the group follows the launch of the Digital Technology for Development Unit in 2018 which is responsible for the adoption of digital technologies within the education, energy, finance, health, transport, urban, and water departments of the bank.

From 2010 to 2018, ADB supported 315 projects that included digital components. The projects include smart grid systems for renewable energy, smart sensors for reducing non-revenue water and intelligent transportation systems.

Mr Takehiko, president of the ADB, said: “The establishment of this Advisory Group will allow ADB to gain insights and strategic advice from digital technology industry leaders as well as academia on how ADB can provide high-quality support for the development agenda of our developing member countries.”