Ameren reveals 80% CO2 reduction target by 2050

US utility company Ameren has released its 2019 sustainability report. The St. Louis Missouri-based power company states that it will be targeting an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.

The company, with a total customer base exceeding 2.4 million customers, also announced that $182 million was spent in 2018 on electric and natural gas energy efficiency programmes.

In terms of grid modernisation, Ameren have developed a smart energy plan which includes $6.3 billion in investment between 2019 and 2023 in the state. The investments will mostly be directed to accelerating the company’s interests in smart grid technologies and renewable energy.

Ameren Illionois has also recieved investment of $10.6 million for the development and have implemented thousands of system reliability projects using new technologies to improve grid resiliency that delivered 20% improvement in grid reliability.

Ameren says its customers are benefitting. According to the report, Ameren’s Missouri’s residential rates are 18% lower than the Midwest average, and Ameren Illinois has residential rates 19% lower than the Midwest average.

The utility made news recently with its appeal to lower customer tariffs by up to $7.22 million. Here’s the story.

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