Attention UK Energy industry – do you like your boss?


According to a recent survey by background checking technology company PASS, the answer to that question is more likely to be no, rather than yes.

The survey of 3000 workers in the UK energy industry, employees rate their relationship just 5 out of 10, well 5.1/10 to be exact.

That’s below the national average of 6.6/10. The bosses rated their relationships with employees a little more kindly, at 6.8/10.

According to the survey, the South Western region of the UK held the happiest employees, with an average score of 7/10, whilst neighbours to the North West scored a lowly 6/10.

So, how can you raise the bar for the UK energy industry? Consult with experts in the field.

Luke Battah, CEO at PASS Technology, said: “A good employee-employer relationship is critical for the culture and success of a business or brand.

“These survey results show there is an unfortunate discrepancy between how employers and employees rate their relationship.”