Canberra deploys IoT network for smart services

Australian government agency Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) is deploying an Internet of Things network for smart energy and smart city applications.

TCCS has partnered with Itron and engineering firm Electrix to deploy Itron’s IoT network to connect smart streetlights and other critical infrastructure in the Australian capital Canberra.

Itron will provide its Streetlight Vision central management software for real-time and remote operation of the streetlights.

The programme is claimed to be the largest standalone smart lighting project in Australia and the first energy performance contract in Australia and Oceania. For instance, the system will be upgraded to automatically detect faults such as lamp failures or cable problems.

Electrix will operate, maintain and upgrade the streetlight network over a seven-year period.

The project is expected to help TCCS achieve significant energy savings, accelerate progress toward environmental goals, minimise investment risk and help manage to fixed annual allocated budgets over the contract term.

Itron, Electrix and TCCS have plans to build a Smart City Lab to test and develop additional smart city solutions such as smart waste management, traffic monitoring and pollution sensing using the IoT network