Australian utility introduces mobile bill payment system


Australian utility GloBird Energy has reached an agreement with IT consulting firm CLPS Inc. to establish a QR Code based billing service using the Q-Bill product to facilitate utility payments.

The agreement will provide an efficient cash-free payment system.

The agreement follows CLPS and SuperPay, a widely used cross-border payment brand in Australia, jointly launching Q-Bill.

The utility will use Q-Bill to generate QR Codes for consumers to make mobile payments through platforms including Alipay and WeChat Pay.

The technology will allow GloBird Energy to review and download the transaction data from a web portal.

Mr. Raymond Lin, CEO of CLPS Incorporation, commented: “In recent years China has become a global leader implementing “cash-free” payment systems.

“Customers can now leave their wallets behind and easily pay their utility bills with their phone, while GloBird Energy benefits from convenient access to transaction history.”